Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts

“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour” – Anonymous.


Whilst a researcher in cell biology Barbara published numerous articles in the scientific press, many of which are still referred to.

However, having been at Yale University as a Post Doctoral fellow at the beginning of the 70s she had developed an interest in women’s issues, which she had to admit did not directly impinge on her way forward, but seemed increasingly to be issues to ‘women’s liberationists’. In 1983, following various publications by Professor Cary Cooper and Marilyn Johnson, including one in the journal ‘Long Range Planning’ she was asked by the journal to make a response, and her strong opinion that “if women wanted to succeed they had to commit” was articulated.

She has since been a supporter of women and their advancing their careers, mainly on a personal basis, and has also sought to support young Bulgarian musicians, who due to lack of a ‘sponsorship culture’ in that country have an even tougher time that most, and she writes regularly on the needs of women in all walks of life.

She has also contributed many articles in support of Tourism in Bulgaria, both in magazines and websites, promotional brochures and other media, prepared a mobile photo applications (The Best of BG) and ran a project to promote Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism in Bulgaria, which resulted in a weighty publication about good practice as well as problems in selected tourism sectors throughout the EU.

Self-realisation, purpose, goals and achievement are constantly in Barbara’s focus, and she has done much to encourage both young people in Bulgaria and Baby-Boomers world-wide to seek and achieve whatever they define at the moment as their goals.

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